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Look around you – on your desk, in your purse or briefcase – look in your breakroom or your kitchen at home. How many promotional products can you find?  A magnet from your dentist? A pen from your bank? A tote bag from a conference you attended last year that is now used to haul coloring books/crayons? A wind jacket or golf balls from a company outing?  I ask you to take this challenge to underscore that PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS are still an effective way to motivate and influence behavior in end-users.

The following is a list of the top five ways promotional products can, and do, influence the way end-users behave:

  1. 82% will take a survey to gain a promotional product.
  2. 70.6% of end-users will go to a booth at a tradeshow.
  3. 41.8% will “LIKE” a company on Facebook or post a Tweet on Twitter.
  4. 33.2% will buy the “gift” with purchase.
  5. 27.7% will make a positive post about the company on a social networking site.

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